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Best Selling Desktop PC Reviews

Welcome to the right destination for buying your dream computer. If you are searching for buying a gaming PC look no further because we offer the good ones available in the market like Cyber Power, Dell and Velocity. For space conscious individuals our mini desktop range including Sapphire and Dell stuns the viewers with the sleek but yet good performance level. The touch screen PC's from HP ensemble charms the viewers. If you look in to the connectivity aspects, we have the desktop computers, which connect to Ethernet, VGA, Wireless, USB slots and many more. Some of the systems also offer the coaxial TV input. Depending on the price range important aspect like the type of processor, speed, memory capacity varies. Various well-known processors like AMD, Atheleon and Intel are available in various types of PC’s from various brands.

Our reviews deal with various aspects of the desktop PC such as the design, features, and performance. The design deals in conveying vital points with respect to portability, aesthetic factors, ergonomic reach to connect ports. The features area discusses the vital and prominent areas of the computer like the processor type, motherboard, availability of additional accessories and many more. You get a fair and strong idea and get the feel of the product in our reviews. Our performance verdict gives the overall gist of the desktop’s score in areas like appearance, ease of use, features that tallies with respect to price. Explore further to find the suitable desktop PC applicable to your needs.

HP Pavilion 23-1000Z Desktop PC

Hewlett Packard Company or HP is one of the largest multinational information technology corporations of America. Found in a car garage by William Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard it is one of the world’s leading PC manufacturer. HP has been into developing data storage, computing, and networking hardware, software, and personal computing device, industry standard servers, networking products and diverse range of printers since its foundation. HP Pavilion 23 series is HP’s venture into low priced decent functioning all-in-one system. With its full HD screen, powerful processor, low price and attractive looks it all feels worth your money. The down-point here is that HP has cut down on many features to make it a budget machine. Hence it is more of use to people who need a general day to day use desktop.


Display: HP Pavilion 23 1000-Z is no less than its high end counterparts in terms of looks. Hewlett Packard is known for giving their products a good design without compromising on top-notch features. This all-in-one comes with a 23 inches or 58.72 cm LCD widescreen display. Its full HD screen provides bright and clear display. The native screen resolution of the desktop is 1920×1080 pixels, which accounts for sharper images and provides a great experience for watching movies and HD videos. The aspect ratio is 16:9 and the contrast ratio is 1000:1. A reflection free screen allows you to work in broad daylight. The viewing angles are very wide and the screen can be viewed from different positions without encountering ghost images. A kickstand in the back allows you to re adjust the screen. HP has not included a touch interface in Pavilion 23 but the smooth screen and bright display will make you want to touch it nonetheless.

Design: The design of HP Pavilion 23 1000-z is neither amazing, blows the top of your head nor is it too poor and tacky; it follows the usual standards of HP. The front side of the desktop is glossy black and sports a silver lining all over it and makes it impressive. The bezel around the screen adds to its good looks. A built-in integrated webcam with LED Flash is provided just above the widescreen display that allows taking better and sharp pictures. The built-in microphone along with the webcam allows you to video chat with your friends. Integrated speakers are provided just below the screen. The company’s logo is at the center of the big screen. The power button is provided on the left. The back side of the desktop is made of sturdy plastic with a kickstand that supports the desktop. The dimensions of this desktop are 57.1 cm (22.4 inches) x 9.9 cm (3.9 inches) x 43.5 cm (17.1 inches) (WDH) respectively including stand. The desktops looks, make it a light weight component but not, its weighs around 7.7kg (17.02 pounds).

HP PAVILION 23 1000-Z Desktop PC

Keyboard: HP Pavilion comes with a standard type keyboard. The keys are wide shaped and are soft to press. The keyboard is of Chiclet style, which allows more space between keys for comfortable use. A separate numeric keypad is provided for better office use. You can carry the keyboard around up to 10 meters after which the connectivity is lost. A total of 104 keys are provided out of which 12 are function keys. Arrow keys are placed in an inverted T-manner. The dimensions of the keyboard are: length: 460 mm (18.1 inches), width: 157.4 mm (6.19 inches), height: 32.8 mm (1.29 inches). The weight of the keyboard is around 0.61kg. The buttons are standard and are not configurable.

Mouse: HP Pavilion 23 is packed with a wireless mouse which allows you to navigate through your applications without the hassle of the wires. Made up of sturdy plastic, it is black in color and the buttons provide negligible flex when pressed. It comes with a wireless USB dongle for connecting it to your system. There are two buttons for left and right click respectively, and a clickable scroll wheel to scroll through your documents.

Ports and Slots: Pavilion 23 is packed with a number of ports and slots for better purpose. On the left side, you find a power button, a HDD activity indicator, two USB 3.0 ports which allow fast data transfer. Along with this, a six-in-one card reader is also present for you to transfer your data from a phone or camera. It reads almost all the digital formats such as SD, SDHC, SDXC and Memory Stick including MS-PRO. It also has a memory card reader activity indicator that indicates whether the card reader is in use or not. Separate headphone and microphone jack are also included. The right side holds a Slim Tray Super-Multi DVD burner that helps to burn your data on disks. Data transfer rates can be up to 3600KB/s for CD (read/write) and 10,800KB/s for DVD (read/write). It has a data buffer of 1MB max and supports 8cm disks. It doesn’t support Blu-ray disks and HD DVD. The remaining ports are on the back. The rear side holds 4 USB 2.0 ports, so that you can connect all your peripherals into it. It has a DC input power port along with a power supply indicator. An RJ-45 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet port is provided for LAN connections. Wireless connectivity includes IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi. There is no Firewire port, which means you have to use 3.0 USB ports for fast data transfer. Neither an HDMI port nor Bluetooth is provided in the system which might be a negative for people looking forward to connect video devices to the PC.  For connecting your external speakers a Subwoofer connector is included.

Speakers: The system is equipped with Integrated High Definition Audio. The Audio Codec is of RealTek ALC269Q-VC with a built in amplifier. The power used by the speakers is 2 Watts per channel. The speakers produce decent sound and on maximum volume fill the entire room. A sub-woofer port is at the rear side of the system, in case you need it for house-hold parties etc.


Processor: HP Pavilion 23 1000-z comes with AMD A6-5400K dual core processor. It clocks at a speed of 3.6 GHz, but with the help of Hyper-Threading and Turbo Boost technology the clocking speed goes up to 3.8 GHz. There’s an option to upgrade your processor to 3.2GHz AMD A85500 quad core. With its higher speeds, it also supports multi-tasking and meets all your requirements efficiently. 1 MB of L2 cache leads to fast data transfer. With the help of hyper threading the dual cores run four threads at one time, accounting for fast execution and multi-tasking.

Graphics: This system comes with Integrated AMD HD 7540D graphics which provides smooth and high quality graphics. With the HD features, it makes your high definition video look bright and clear. High end games run perfectly fine. Games enthusiast can enjoy playing there games at good speeds.

Memory: There is 4 GB of DDR3-1600 MHz SDRAM available. It allows faster execution of your programs and applications and account for multi-tasking at enormous speeds. It has dual channel memory architecture. You can also upgrade your RAM up to 16GB for 64bit operating system. A SATA 500 GB of hard disk is provided. It rotates at a speed of 7200 revolutions per minute (rpm) which accounts for high data transfer rates. 500GB of storage is adequate for storing all your movies, music files and documents. However an upgrade option is also available to 1TB.

Operating System: HP Pavilion 23 1000-z desktop comes pre-installed with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit operating system. The applications are managed in an orderly manner and it also provides an amazing computing experience. It boots up really fast. Web browsing is made easy and you can surf over the Internet at high speeds. Windows 7 supports all the latest software available in the market.

Software: The Pavilion 23 1000-z is not loaded with lots of software; it has the essentials you require minus the clutter of applications and software you will hardly use. First let’s talk about the anti-virus software. To protect your system from viruses and other online threats HP has included a 60 day trial version of Norton Internet Security 2012. Along with this a 30 day trial of Norton online backup has been provided that allows you to create an online backup of your data. For burning your CD’s and DVD’s software called Cyberlink Power2Go is present. The system also has Cyberlink Power DVD for Entertainment, Music and Games. A trial version of Microsoft office with very less features is also present. For reading your documents with ease, complete version of PDF complete is present. Imaging, Photography, Video and Films we have Cyberlink You Cam that lets you take pictures, record videos etc. easily. Web browsing is made easy by Internet Explorer 9 and Adobe Flash is also included in the system for playing videos online. A number of software from HP itself are provided like HP help and Support Center, HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI, HP Support Assistant, HP Update and HP Recovery Manager.

Performance: The performance of HP Pavilion 23 is really outstanding. With 3.6 GHz processor clocking speed and reaching up to 3.8GHz with turbo boost feature, processing is really fast. Intensive tasks run very smoothly. Multi-tasking can be achieved without slowing the processor. You can open as many tabs on Internet Explorer but the surfing speed will not go down. However upgrades are also available. The graphics are adequate and are not disappointing. The High definition videos run smoothly and are a delight to watch. With 4GB of RAM you can navigate through your applications faster. Also upgrades up to 16GB are available. The hard disk space is quite adequate and you can store all your important data on it. The sound systems are good and produce decent sound without any distortion. You can also enjoy gaming on this system. HP itself has provided a number of software along with many others that keep you well equipped.

Power Requirements: HP Pavilion 23 needs a 180 watt power adapter (100-240 V). At the back of the system is a power port where you have to plug in the cable so your system isn’t bundled with a number of wires.

Energy efficiency: As the system is Energy Star Qualified, it doesn’t cause any harm to the environment.

Warranty: Hewlett Packard has provided a limited twelve months warranty on the hardware of this system.

Verdict: HP Pavilion 23 1000-z is a complete desktop. With remarkable processing speeds, good graphics and a decent look, the desktop is worth your money. The 23 inch wide screen, along with a glossy finish makes this desktop very attractive. The only drawback is that there is no HDMI port. If you are looking for normal computing or surfing, we recommend this desktop, but if you are looking for high end gaming you must spend a little more than this. However all the above features makes it a decent buy.


Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard
Model Name Pavilion 23 1000-z
Dimensions: 57.1 x 9.9 x 43.5 cm (WDH)
Weight 7.7 kg
Type Desktop
Screen Size 23″
Screen Type LCD screen
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Internal Components
Processor AMD dual core(3.6GHz, 1 MB L2 Cache)
RAM 4GB DDR3(Extendable up to 16 GB)
Hard drive 500Gb Hard drive
Keypad 104 keys; 12 functional keys
Touchscreen No
Graphics Integrated  AMD HD 7540D
Speakers Integrated High Definition Audio
Communication Setup
Wireless support WLAN 802.11 B/G/N
Memory card slot 6-in-1card reader built-in
Connectivity 4 USB 2.0 ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 6-in-1 integrated Card reader,
Ethernet port, microphone and headphone jack
Warranty 1 Year complete warranty on hardware

HP Pavilion HPE h9-1000 Phoenix Desktop PC Review

There are no two ways about the fact that Hewlett-Packard is one of the leaders in computing technology. It manufactures desktops, laptops, netbooks and other state of the art products. HP specializes in desktops that are a cut-throat competition to other companies in the same range. Phoenix is the new addition to its Pavilion series. HP has presented this mainly as a Gaming pc but it caters to your home and office needs as well. The model is sold under the name HP Phoenix H9-1040. It has a solid performance and is suited for gaming enthusiasts. Brought into the market in September 2011, this PC has already wooed the hearts of many. Great design, smart ergonomics- it has everything one looks for in a desktop. Plus it is compact, not too bulky and is just the right size so that it doesn’t take up too much space in your home or office. Find out more about this wonder machine in the given review.

Designed to impress:

Since the desktop is part of the much popular Pavilion series, one starts to expect extreme performance and amazing features. Named after the legendary bird, this desktop comes great on your expectations. Phoenix H9- 1040 has a sleek and stylish design. With a shiny black and silver exterior on the front and a matte finish on the sides and rear, HP has made it look quite impressive. Made out of a sturdy plastic, it is slender and yet strong and durable. The machinery is contained in an armor-like structure to provide protection. There are exterior and interior illuminations as well to make it look hi-tech. It’s measurements, which read as (H x W x L) 16.26 x 6.85 x 16.73 inches, make it clear how sleek the HP Pavilion Phoenix H9-1040 is. It weighs around 12 kg that is 26.46 lbs. without packing. It’s not too heavy and fits around easy because of its petite size. Be it your elegantly done living room or a beautiful corner office, HP Phoenix looks great kept anywhere.

Powerful Processor:

The desktop uses one of the most powerful processors by Intel. An i7-2600 chipset keeps this baby up and running.  It is a super-fast processing unitand performs all your tasks swiftly.  It’s a quad-core processor which means there are a total of four cores in the CPU, each capable of running two simultaneous threads- thanks to the Hyper Threading technology by Intel. The processor runs at the speed of 3.4 GHz which is remarkable. Using Turbo Boost 3.9 GHz is the maximum speed recorded that is achieved by this desktop. A 3 MB level 3 Cache is provided to further enhance the processing.  If there is any processor in the market that can match the specifics of this desktop, this is it.

Easy and Efficient Operating System:

Every Laptop or Desktop these days comes with the latest and smartest OS in the market- Windows 7 Genuine Home Premium OS. It is the 64 bit version that is pre-installed in this desktop. Microsoft has made by far the best operating system. It has remarkable features and is very easy to use. Along with this you get various utilities making for a wonderful computing experience. All kinds of software and hardware updates are compatible with this OS.

More than enough system Memory:

One cannot deny that while buying a computer it is of utmost importance that there is plenty of space and memory provided. HP has given proper attention to this and hence there is 8 GB of enormous RAM space. The RAM is of DDR3 type. There are four 240-pin DDR3 DIMM sockets present which means you can also expand the memory if u need. For a 64 bit system, the maximum expanding limit supported is 16 GB and for 32 bit system it is 4 GB since they cannot address a full 4.0 GB of memory.

Plenty of Hard Drive space:

There is a Solid State Drive of 120 GB with SATA interface to cater to your memory needs. The SSD is only 2.5 inches wide making sure the computer isn’t bulky. In some systems, a 2TB of Hard Drive is also present, also SATA interface. It is superfast and has data transfer speeds up to 3 GB per second. It takes 7200 revolutions per minute (rpm). For those of you who aren’t aware about rpm, it is the measure of how fast and efficient your hard disk is. Higher the rpm, faster is your HD.

Extreme Graphics for High powered gaming:

This computer is a boon for all the gaming enthusiasts and people who enjoy high power gaming. What is must for a good gaming PC is a power packed graphic card. HP phoenix hence comes equipped with the market leader in Graphics card: NVIDIA.

1 – HDMI
2 – DVI

NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 550i is installed in this PC. It provides flawless graphic display. There is 1 GB onboard memory. The graphic card also supports Blu-Ray and supports up to 2 displays at a time. The maximum resolution for HDMI is 1920 x 1080(1080p). For DVI, the maximum resolution is  2560 x 1600 x 3200 bpp at 60 Hz. VGA resolution( with adapter) is 2048 x 1536 x 32bpp at 60Hz. There are also integrated graphics by Intel HD 2000.

Software Installed:

HP Phoenix H9-1040 PC comes pre-installed with a plethora of software for your ease and usage. There is Adobe Flash Player and Adobe PDF reader. Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is present with limited access. That is only Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel is accessible. For the complete version, purchase the key from market.There is Norton Internet Security 2012 antivirus package present for protecting your computer from internet threats and malware. This is a 60- day trial pack after which your subscription has to be renewed. For burning CD/DVD Cyberlink Power2Go is provided. Various other utilities are present from HP as well such as HP Linkup, HP Update, HP Vision Hardware Diagnostic tools and HP Support Assistant. All these software and applications help you to manage your tasks easily and efficiently.

Better Connectivity:

Phoenix H9-1040 comes with multiple options for connectivity. There are four USB 2.0 ports present on the front and four more on the rear of the tower. Two additional USB 3.0 ports in the front are present for faster data transfer and access. There is one microphone and one headphone jack also present.

Memory Card Reader:

A 15-in-1 memory card reader is also present. It recognizes formats like Secure Digital (SD), Mini Secure Digital (mini-SD), SDHC, Multi Media Card (MMC) and MMC DualVoltage, Reduced-Sized Multi Media Card (RS-MMC), MMC 4.0, RS MMC 4.0, RS-MMC DualVoltage, Memory Stick (MS), including MS-DUO, MS-PRO, MS-PRO DUO, MS-Memory Select Function, MS ULTRA II, MS ROM, Magic Gate MS, Magic Gate MS Pro, Magic Gate MS-DUO, Magic Gate PRO DUO, Compact Flash (CFI), (CFII), IBM Microdrive (MD), Smart Media (SM), xD – Picture (xD) and TransFlash(with an adapter).

TV Tuner Card:

TV (antenna port)

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to watch television on your desktop only and save the space and money of buying an additional TV set? Well, HP completely agrees with you and hence provides you with an in-built TV Tuner card. It supports High Definition television. One can also record programs which are stored in the computer’s hard drive. A remote control comes with the package to operate it.


Keyboard and Mouse
The desktop comes along with a handy black keyboard. There are a total of 104 keys. The interface of the keyboard is USB and the cable length is almost 1.8 meters. The keys are in island style with proper gap between two adjacent keys. The arrow keys are wide lending ease to all gaming enthusiasts. They are arranged in an inverted T-manner. Volume control is present on all models. There is a special Beats key for turning on Beats functions of the speaker. A HP Optical Mouse is also part of the package. Its like an ordinary mouse with USB interface. There are left and right keys along with a clickable scroll wheel.

Power Supply:

HP Phoenix has a total wattage of 600 Watts. The nominal input range is 100-127v (50-60 Hz) and 200-240v (50-60 Hz).


There is a 2-year hardware warranty and 1-year software support provided for HP Phoenix.


HP Phoenix H9-1040 Desktop PC is a fairly great computer. It has everything that one looks for in a PC. With an average price tag that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, HP is the perfect choice if you are looking for a reliable system with good ergonomics, high-end graphics and impressive design.

Specification Details:

Manufacturer Hewlett Packard
Model Name HP Phoenix H9-1040
Finish Black with aluminium finish
Processor Intel i7-2600 3.4 GHz
Motherboard Custom Intel Z75 Chipset Board
Hard Drive Memory 120GB
Hard Drive type SATA 3G (3.0 Gb/sec)
Spindle Speed 7200 rpm
RAM Memory Installed RAM: 3GB with DDR3
Optical Drive Blu-ray/DVDRW Combo Drive
Audio IDT 92HD73E1 (with Beats Audio)
Speaker, mic/line-in, surround jacks, optical out for 7.1 sound
LAN Integrated 10/100 Base T-network interface
Peripherals HP USB keyboard and HP USB optical mouse
Entertainment HP Games, HP MediaSmart software suite and Music station
Security Software Norton Internet Security 2012
Power Supply 600W
Warranty 2 year hardware warranty and 1 year software support

Medion Erazer X81 Desktop PC

Medion AG is a German company whose venture into the field of desktop pc’s is considered a smart move since it’s made with the ever-famous German technology. The newest addition in its range of Erazer series is a desktop pc- Erazer X81. It’s a powerful desktop which can be used for home and office needs. Powered by Intel core i7 processor and Nvidia graphics, it’s an appreciable bargain for you money. Read the review for more details.

Design: It’s a towering system which stands 640 mm high. With a length of 60 mm and 275 mm wide, it has smart looks and a sleek design. The desktop has an all-black body with sliver metallic bars at the edges on the front panel. The side has a transparent cover allowing you a glimpse of the machinery inside lit by a blue LED lighting. The front panel sports a silver logo bearing the company’s name. The system comes to weigh around 24.5 kgs and is heavier than other desktop pc’s in the similar range.

Peripherals: There is no monitor with this desktop though a basic wired keyboard and mouse are included in the package. Users are free to choose a desired monitor suiting their needs.

Ports and slots: One can attach a plethora of peripherals to this desktop; thanks to the numerous ports and slots provided. Medion Erazer X81 comes with 12 USB ports- yes that’s correct. There are 12 USB ports in this desktop; albeit only two are 3.0 ports and rest ten are the basic 2.0 USB ports. There is a 9 in 1 card reader (Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Secure Digital, MiniSecure Digital, Secure Digital High Capacity, Multi Media Card and RSMulti Media Card) which reads almost all possible formats. Along with this, there are several ports for connectivity. There is a 10/100/1000 Gigabyte Ethernet port for WLAN connections. Wi-Fi is made available through 802.11 b/g/n wireless connectivity. A breakthrough in data transfer technology; FireWire port is also included in this desktop. FireWire is a serial port which uses the FireWire technology for rapid data transfer from one device to another. Along with these come a network card and a DVD writer. There is no HDMI port.


Processor: X81 is driven by Intel core i7-2600 processor. It’s the fastest Sandy Bridge chip clocking at the speed of 3.4 GHz. Intel’s new Turbo Boost technology allows it to achieve speed of almost 3.7 GHz. The processor equips 8 MB of smart L2 cache and its four powerful cores run to offer remarkable performance. A total of eight threads present in the processor using Intel’s Hyper-Threading technology allow you to multitask.

Memory: Medion Erazer X81 comes with a generous 12 MB of SDRAM of type DDR3 with a speed of 1333 MHz. You can upgrade the RAM up to 16 GB but 12 GB seems sufficient. The desktop boasts of a massive 2TB of hard drive space allowing you to store huge amount of data. The hard disk is of Serial-ATA 300 type and runs at the speed of 7200 revolutions per minute (rpm).

Graphics: One of the most impressive features about this desktop pc is its graphics. Integrated with the powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 graphic processing unit, it taps a supercharged performance on your applications. With 1.5 MB of GDDR5 memory it is perfect for gaming. It’s a complete chip with all L2 cache, ROP’s and SM’s enabled on a single chip. Though a little expensive, features like Excellent tessellation and DirectX11 capabilities makes it an outstanding GPU

Operating System:Medion Erazer X81 comes with pre-loaded Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. The 64-bit instruction set allows you to make maximum usage of memory. The Microsoft product works absolutely well with this desktop and assures the user of all management capabilities offered by Windows.

Software:  Erazer does not offer a lot when it comes to software. It includes a Microsoft Office 2010 starter kit for easy word processing. Along with this comes Medion Erazer Control center for easy and efficient overclocking. There are no other additional software provided for security and one has to purchase them separately.

Performance: Performance wise X81 is a significant bargain. The Quad-core Intel chip contributes to speedy processing. The high speed graphics are perfect for gaming and when hooked up with a High Definition LCD monitor gives an amazing experience for watching movies.  The 12 GB of RAM gives you exceptional response time and guarantees smooth functioning of your computer. There is enormous hard drive capacity and one can store vast amount of multimedia files and other documents.
Warranty: Medion Erazer X81 comes with a standard one year warranty.

Verdict:It is an intelligent and efficient desktop pc with powerful performance and unmatched graphics. There is no compromise made on the memory part. With decent looks and great performance, Medion Erazer X81 is an ideal pc for your computing needs.

Medion Erazer X81 Configuration Details

Manufacturer Medion
Model Name Erazer X81
Year of Launch 2011
PC Type Desktop
Dimensions ( H x W x D) 640 x 275 x 60 mm
Weight 24.8 kgs
Hard drive Configuration 2 TB SATA 7200rpm Hard Disk
Graphics hardware NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 1.5MB Graphics Card
Memory 12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Memory
Processor Intel Core i7 2600 Processor
Processor speed 3.4 GHz
No of cores 4
Cache Memory 8MB
Optical Storage DVD-RW Combo Drive
Audio Interface 1x SPDIF optical
1x SPDIF coaxial
Operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
Peripherals Wired keyboard
Wired mouse
I/O ports 10 x USB 2.0 ports
2 x USB 3.0 ports
1 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
1 x 9-in-1 card reader
Wi-Fi Yes; 802.11 b/g/n
FireWire Yes(Rear panel)
Software Included Microsoft Office 2010 starter
Medion Erazer Control center
Warranty 1 year standard warranty

Apple iMac MC309 Review

When an Apple product is launched in the market, it is hard for anyone to not be lured about it. Being the largest manufacturer of computers in the world, Apple speaks of elegant design, great performance and classy looks. It’s been more than a decade since the launch of iMac All-in-one series by Apple Inc. and it’s as popular now as it was then. One cannot help but compare every other All-in-one to a Mac system. Maybe that is why Apple products are the most coveted in the market. Apple iMac MC309 is yet another excellent innovation in the field of desktop PCs. Launched in 2011, this iMac is the best in this series. With an Intel Quad core processor it’s advanced from its predecessors. A 21.5 inch IPS (In-plane switching) LCD screen with complete HD features along with the Macintosh snow leopard Operating system makes it a powerful desktop with great looks. An AMD Radeon integrated graphics processor gives an edge to the graphics of this desktop. Sleek glossy design and over-the-top performance, iMac gives you the best of both worlds. Read the review to know more about this awesome Apple product.


Display: Apple iMac MC309 desktop comes with a 21.5 inch LCD screen with complete HD features and In-plane switching. The screen has a glossy surface and a LED backlit display. Over one lakhs of colours supported by the HD screen provide a vivid view of your photos and multimedia files. The screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels and the aspect ratio is 16:9. Apple has not included touchscreen feature in its iMac model which does not qualify as a shortcoming since the touchscreen provided in any of All-in-Ones till date has not been well appreciated because of its resistive actions. The keyboard and the mouse that comes along are pretty handy.

Design: There’s a FaceTime HD camera located at the top front of the desktop. Its 720p resolution allows you to make HD video calls. The picture clarity could not have been better. You can make video calls to another iMac or any other Intel-supported Mac computers, iPhones, iPods and iPads. The dimensions of this Apple machine are equally impressive. With a size 45.1 x 52.8 x 18.85 centimetres it looks huge when sitting in your living room or office. An all-black body with a silver bottom carries the all-the-time famous Apple logo. There is an edge to edge glass surrounding the LED backlit display which wraps around the aluminium enclosure. There is a continuous aluminium surface at the back bearing a series of ports and slots and only one cord which is the power lead. There is a finely tapered pedestal for support. It allows 178 degrees of viewing angle in both vertical and horizontal directions. The whole machine weighs around 9.3 kg which isn’t a lot when compared to the other heavier All-in-Ones.

Peripherals: The iMac comes with a full size aluminium wireless Apple keyboard. Its amazingly thin and streamlined. You can sit and type anywhere; on your desk, keep it in your lap as long as it is in range. The full-size keyboard features a total of 79 keys, 12 of which are function keys and 4 arrow keys arranged in an inverted T manner. Along with this comes the Apple magic mouse which is different from any other mouse you would have seen. It is small, sleek and the entire mouse acts as a button so you can click anywhere. The mouse supports multi-touch gesturing allowing you to swipe through your documents and photos with ease. One may also recommend upgrading to magic track pad at no extra cost.

Ports and Slots: A series of ports and slots are provided at the back of the iMac, towards the left of the pedestal. There are 4 USB 2.0 ports though we would have preferred at least one 3.0 port. There is a Firewire 800 port, SDXC memory card slot, one RJ-45 Gigabyte Ethernet port and Wi-Fi connectivity through 802.11 b/g/n wireless networking. The optical disk drive is a SuperMulti Light scribe dual-layer DVD writer. There is an audio in/out port, Bluetooth, headphone and microphone jack. There is also an in-built and support for Apple iPhone headset with microphone. The mini display o/p port has been replaced by a Thunderbolt port; a feature not present in its predecessors. It is one of Intel’s latest I/O technologies which allow high speed of data transfer. It offers a speed up to 10 Gbps ; 12 times more than Firewire and 20 times more than USB 2.0 ports. Thunderbolt provides support for up to six daisy-chained peripherals and can be easily hooked up to any HDMI compatible device using an adapter. It can act as an external monitor and also functions as a video-in port allowing you to use the iMac as a screen for another device.


Processor: While its earlier versions used 3.06 GHz core i3, this particular iMac is powered by an Intel quad-core i5-2400 processor. Intel’s 32 nanometre process technology allows the processor, cache, memory controller and graphics to be integrated into a single sandy bridge chip. It clocks at the speed of 2.5 GHz meeting all demands of your workload efficiently. There is 6 Mb of L3 smart cache providing greater performance. Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 enhances the speed of your work. Hyper-threading enables each of the cores to work on two tasks simultaneously providing multi-tasking. The integrated memory controller provides faster access to the installed RAM. You also have the option of configuring you iMac with the fastest quad-core processor available that is the i7.

Memory:  Apple iMac comes with a dedicated 4GB DDR3 RAM which enhances usability and multitasking. It provides a processing speed of 1,333 MHz and a support up to 16 GB though we recommend not buying memory from Apple since it’s an expensive affair. A 500 GB of Serial ATA hard drive rotating at the speed of 7200 revolutions per minute (rpm) allows users to store their documents and multimedia files.

Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6750M graphics processor with a dedicated 512 MB of GDDR5 SDRAM provides smooth and highly competent graphics performance. The earlier iMacs featured ATI Radeon HD 4670 with 256 MB of GDDR3 RAM and were less impressive than their successors. They allow more frames per second and better response. A superior performance is guaranteed while playing 3D games, editing HD videos or running design software.

Speakers: This iMac provides built-in stereo system. A pair of 17 watt highly efficient stereo speakers is integrated into this Apple machine. The sound could have been clearer but still works well for playing movies and games in your living room.

Operating Systems: iMac comes with a preloaded advanced version of the world’s fastest operating system: MAC OS X. This operating system, made exclusively for Intel multicore processor are the most advanced, reliable and easy to use. MAC OS X version 10.6 Snow Leopard is preloaded on this iMac. A remarkable feature in this operating system is an application called Time Machine. It automatically backs up your data to an external drive or Time Capsule. A spare copy of every file is kept to remember how your system looked on any given day. For those who have purchased on or before 6 June 2011 there is an upgrade option to MAC OS X Lion available at no extra cost provided a request to do so is sent to the App store within 30 days of the purchase.

Performance: Apple provides impressive performance in all its products and iMac is no different. The quad-core processor efficiently handles extreme workloads with ease. The Mac OS is designed to exercise each core and uses all the 4 cores in this system. The turbo boost technology introduced by Intel increases the speed of the active cores to almost 3.3 GHz. Since the processor, cache, controller is all integrated on a single chip; faster performance can be achieved since data doesn’t have to travel far. The integrated memory controller allows you to connect 1333 MHz faster to the processor. If all of this doesn’t satisfy you still, you can upgrade to the 27 inch iMac featuring a 2.7 GHz/3.3 GHz quad core Intel i5. One also has the option of choosing the fastest processor available, i7. The newly introduced Thunderbolt technology gives lightning fast speed transfers and great expansion options.

Software: Apple iMac comes with a range of software installed into it. iTunes, Time Machine, Quick look, Spaces, Spotlight, Dashboard, iChat, Safari, Address Book, iCal, DVD player, Photo Booth, front row. Along with it comes the 2011 version of iLife software suite. It contains iPhoto which allows you to browse, edit and share pictures which look amazing on the full screen HD display. iMovie lets you create movie trailers which are as good as the professional ones. The Garage Band is an innovative application which brings out the composer in you. It allows you to make songs with perfect rhythm and even gives you lessons on guitar and piano playing. One of the most impressive features in a Mac supporting system is that it doesn’t need an anti-virus system. Yes, you read it correctly; there is no risk of viruses and Trojans and all types of internet threats. As long as your operating system is updated there is no risk at all to your data. The machine is built to fight with all types of viral threats and if it ever finds something that might appear risky to it, Mac tells you the available updates which will protect it from any posing threats. Along with these comes the Mac App store which hosts thousands of apps that can be downloaded by just a click.

Warranty: Apple provides a standard one year limited hardware warranty along with a free 90 days of phone support. One can also opt for the AppleCareProtectionplan, at an additional cost which covers repairs and support for 3 years starting from the date of your purchase.

Verdict: Apple iMac MC309 is a great All-in-One to keep in your home and it caters well to all your work and entertainment needs. The 21.5 inch desktop looks great and is equally impressive in terms of performance. The great new Sandy Bridge i5 processor provides for faster execution. The graphics are powerful and the newly added FaceTime camera gives crystal clear quality to your pictures on the HD screen. The high speed Thunderbolt port gives amazingly speedy transfer rates. The in-built card reader supports even SDXC format and runs on moderate power consumption making efficient use of power supply. All of this comes for a reasonable price. There are a few cons in this desktop too but as we said, very few. The configuration and upgrade options are limited. Buying additional memory from Apple is a very costly affair. We could have also preferred a USB 3.0 port and the optical drive could have been faster. Unlike Macpro, there is no option for matte screen if you are not a big fan of the glossy look. Also there is no Word processing software in the bundle. These flaws however can be overlooked for higher performance and great looks. We definitely recommend this system for your home or office needs.

APPLE iMAC MC309 Specifications

Manufacturer Apple
Model Name MC 309
Series iMacseries
Dimensions  (H x W x D) 18.8 x 45.1 x 52.8 centimeters
Colours available Silver
Hard drive Capacity 500GB
RAM capacity 4GB; extendable up to 16GB
Memory type DDR3
Bluetooth Yes, version 2.1
Graphics hardware AMD Radeon HD 6750 M
Graphics Memory Dynamic
Processor Intel quad-core i5 2400s processor
Built-in speakers Yes; pair of 17 watt speakers
Operating system Mac OS X 10.6 Snow leopard
Web Camera Yes; FaceTime
Audio Jack Rear panel
Networking 1 x RJ-45 Ethernet
1 X 802.11 b/g/n Wireless networking
Power Consumption Energy Star
Warranty 1 year

Lenovo Essential H330 Desktop PC Review

Heavy weight towering desktops are now a thing of the past. Gone are the days when owning a desktop meant a large fat tower crowding your office desk or home. Nowadays, the market is flooded with slim desktops with sleek design and slender looks.  Lenovo H330 is one such slim desktop which caters to all your home and office needs. It’s a budget laptop and is priced very moderately. Less price means less features but it is more than sufficient for casual web surfing and mild multimedia use. It’s an advancement from its predecessor; the H320 model. Equipped with Intel’s second generation processors, these desktops work fast and manage your tasks easily. We have reviewed Lenovo H330 desktop with Intel’s Second generation Dual Core i3-2120 processor and 4 GB RAM. When buying the system from Lenovo’s Website, you have an array of options to configure your desktop according to your needs. Of course choosing additional features would cost you extra. For details about this machine, read the complete review here.



Lenovo has developed the Essential H series desktops for normal household and office use. It can be used by the kids for doing homework, playing video games. The grown-ups can surf the web, watch a movie, listen to music and even do basic office works like word processing, etc. It hardly takes up any space. The tower is slim and can be laid down horizontally or made to stand up vertically. It is built from a strong plastic and has a shining black finish on the front casing with orange accents to enhance its looks. A silverstrip runs on the front and sports a shiny silver sticker bearing the company’s name. Lenovo is also engraved on the right flap which can be unscrewed with a lot of hard work. There is nothing too attractive about this product except that it’s lighter than other desktops available in the market. Its dimensions are 3.9 x 15.7 x 11.5 inches when measured in the order- Width, depth and height (WDH). Weighing a mere 15 lbs., it’s a light weight desktop. The product does not come with a monitor and one has to buy an external screen to connect it with.


The Lenovo H330 desktop computer comes with a standard wired keyboard which is PS/2 and can be connected to one of the two PS/2 slots available in the black. The keyboard is pretty average. Built in black plastic and grey outlines, it has flat, regular shaped keys. Typing is pretty comfortable with this keyboard. The keys might feel a little too soft. There is a separate numeric keypad as is found in standard keyboards. The arrow keys are adequately sized and are placed in an inverted T manner. There is an orange lit wide button which is used to access Lenovo Voltage Technology. It’s Lenovo’s own suite of tools and utilities. There are a total of 104 keys out of which 12 are functional keys.


H330 comes with a wired typical mouse for easy use. It is an optical mouse and can be connected to any of the USB ports of the desktop. Lenovo could have included a wireless mouse for easier and hassle free access but for a price low as this, you can’t really complain. The mouse is lightweight and has two separate buttons for clicking. The scroll wheel is orange in control. The buttons produce a slightflex when pressed.

Ports and Slots:

You can collect a range of devices with this desktop; thanks to the ports and slots provided. There are a total of 6 USB ports; all of which are 2.0. We could have complained that there is no USB 3.0 or SATA port but since it’s a budget laptop, one has to make do with limited features. The front of the tower sports two USB 2.0 ports, headphone jack and a microphone jack. There is a Blu-Ray disc player in the name of optical drive and you can play your High Definition movies for a theatre like experience at home. A multi format card reader recognizes up to 8 digital formats like CompactFlash Card type I, Microdrive, SDHC, Memory Stick PRO, CompactFlash Card type II, MMC and SD. The rest of the four additional USB ports are present in the back. Since the mouse is USB wired, one of the USB ports always remains occupied. The same goes for the PS/2 wired mouse which is always connected with one of the two PS/2 ports. There is an HDMI and VGA port for connecting an external monitor with the desktop. LAN connections can be accessed by the 10/100/1000 RJ-45 Ethernet port. Wi-Fi connectivity is offered by IEEE 802.11 b/g/n though this is optional and is not present in all the models. We advise you check once with the retailer before purchasing whether your model has Wi-Fi connectivity or not. There is no FireWire or Thunderbolt port because that would have meant additional expense and this is specifically a budget desktop.


Lenovo boats of a 5.1 channel digital surround sound support integrated in this desktop. Though there are no speakers included in the package, plugging in your compact stereo speakers produces a crisp and clear sound.



The Lenovo Essential H330 desktop allows you to build your system with Intel’s range of Second Generation processors; namely i3,i5 and i7 processors. We write here about the H330 model which runs on the second lowest specification amongst the available options for configuration: i3-2120 processor. The lowest level processor is i3-2100. It offers average performance for day to day tasks. The processor clocks at 2.2 GHz. With the help of Intel’s Turbo Boost 2.0 technology, the CPU accelerates up to 3.3 GHz. This is a tremendous speed for a desktop of this level and multitasking is made real easy. A 4 MB of smart L3 cache helps in faster and smoother data transfer and data access. If you are not specified by this, you can go for the more powerful i5 processor or even more; the fastest available processors by Intel- i7.


A 4GB RAM keeps this desktop running. It is sufficient enough primary memory to manage the temporary applications and volatile data. The maximum upgrade for the RAM is 8GB but since it isn’t a desktop that can run processor intensive tasks, there is no surreal need for this upgradation. For storage space, there is a spacious 500 GB hard drive. It can store tons of multimedia files and documents. Though you would expect slower transfer rates from this budget conscious machine, Lenovo has included a faster HDD which runs at 7200 revolutions per minute (rpm). If you like to store the whole world in your computer you can go for higher upgrades to 750 GB or 1 TB from the options available at Lenovo’s website.


This isn’t a desktop meant for graphic intensive applications. There is no dedicated graphic card included. One has to make do with the integrated graphics that are built-in on the CPU- Intel HD Integrated 2000 Graphics. It was a smart move by Intel to build a GPU onto the processor combining CPU and graphics together. These processors are called Sandy Bridge line of processors. But one drawback is that Lenovo has used the lower end integrated graphics. The Intel HD also comes in two more specifications- 3000 and 3500; both having higher graphic capabilities. Nonetheless, it performs average performance. You will be disappointed if you are a heavy gaming enthusiast. A few light games can be however enjoyed. If you are planning to do some serious video editing on this desktop then we recommend you configure a dedicated graphic chipset.

Operating System:

Lenovo H330 runs on Windows 7 Home Premium operating system. It’s one of the fastest available operating systems available in the market. Coming from Microsoft’s hood, it has state of the art utilities and tools to manage your system in the finest way. All the latest software and hardware is supported by this OS. It runs 64 bit computing.


There is little software pre-installed on this desktop which isn’t really a bad thing considering most of those software are unnecessary and people tend to uninstall them as they just occupy space. Lenovo has included only a few, majorities among which are its own applications developed to provide utilities and tools to manage your computer well. There is limited functionality version of Microsoft Office 2010 Starter. One can purchase the complete version from the market which has all features. There is 60 days free subscription of McAffee Virus Scan Plus which protects your system from Internet threats like viruses, Trojans, etc. CyberLink PowerDVD helps you to burn, rip, read and recover discs using your desktop. Lenovo OneKey recovery software provides recovery of your system. Along with this is the Windows custom suite; Windows Live Essentials which contains utilities and tools for managing your system well. It has applications for E-mail, photo storage, movies, music, etc.


Lenovo Essential H330 isn’t the most powerful desktop on the face of earth but than for such little price it isn’t that bad either. The desktop performance is above average for day to day tasks like casual web surfing or occasional word processing. Intel’s i3 processor does a good job in running this computer at decent pace. The RAM is also sufficient. If you do not intend to do intensive video editing or play 3D games, the graphics would suffice your needs. Turbo Boost does a good job with increasing the processor speed and the system doesn’t slow down much, provided you don’t use it too roughly. The fan produces slight noise when the processor is run intensively. When idle, the fan doesn’t make much noise. However if you keep the system running for longer durations, you will hear the slight murmuring sound of the fan in the background constantly. It’s not a powerhouse when comes to performance but is caters well to your house and office needs. Inclusion of Blu-Ray drive was a smart move by the designers of this system.


The desktop comes with a one year limited hardware warranty on service and support.


If you are looking for a budget friendly computer that has to be used for light office and household needs and doesn’t occupy too much space, then Lenovo Essential H330 is the perfect system for you. It’s lightweight and is really slender in looks. It has medium specifications and an average performance. But it is moderately priced and does well for a person’s basic needs.

Lenovo Essential H330 Desktop Computer – Technical Specification Table

Manufacturer Lenovo
Model Name Essential H330
Dimensions (W x D x H) 3.9 x 15.7 x 11.5”
Weight 15 lbs
Type Desktop
Internal Components
Processor Intel® Dual Core Processor i3-2120 (2.2GHz, 4 MB L3 Cache)
RAM 4GB DDR3(Extendable up to 8 GB)
Hard drive 500 GB Hard drive
Peripherals included Wired PS/2 keyboard with104 keys; 12 functional keys
Wired USB mouse
Graphics Intel GMA 2000
Speakers Not included
Communication Setup
Wireless support WLAN 802.11 B/G/N(optional)
Memory card slot 8-in-1card reader built-in
Connectivity 6 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI in port, VGA port and Ethernet
Warranty 1 Year limited warranty on hardware